Networks where BioCC participates

(The Europan Clinical Research Infrastustures Network)

The Europan Clinical Research Infrastustures Network (ECRIN) is a
sustainable, not-profit infrastructure supporting multinational clinical
research projects in Europe.
The European Clinical Research Infrasturctures Network,, is a European network dedicated to improving the health of patients and citizens across the world through clinical research.
ECRIN supports, services, coordinates, and manages high-quality,
indipendent, and fully transparent multinational clinical research. ECRIN
synergizes the capacities and capabilities of national clinical research.
ECRIN strives for harmonisation of European clinical research.
By facilitating clinical research across Europe, ECRIN contributes to the
achievement of the European Research Area and the society of knowledge and  adds to European competitiveness.

ECRIN membership gives BioCC support and opportunities for networking with other clinical trials centres and unities in Europe, and to develop the research on the field of Food Clinical Trials.  It also can
provide support for conducting clinical as those trials have became essential component for food constituents in order to increase support for health claims.

ENPADASI (European Nutritional Phenotype Assessment and Data Sharing Initiative)

The main objective of ENPADASI  project is to deliver an open access research infrastructure that will contain data from a wide variety of nutritional studies, ranging from mechanistic,/interventions to epidemiological studies including a multitude of phenotypic outcomes that will facilitate combined analyses in the future.

HighTech Europe (THE)
HighTech Europe has been a Network of Excellence funded by the 7th Framework Programm of the European Commission. Main achievement of the project is the Food Tech Innovation Portal(Food TIP), a knowledge portal that gives access to latest technologies, profiles of institutions and companies, testing facilities and services in food processing.

Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists (NJF)
NJF’s most important objective is to promote agricultural research in the Nordic-Baltic countries. NJF arranges seminars, which facilitate close contacts between scientists, advisors and end-users of knowledge. Their vision is an efficient and sustainable utilization of our agricultural and horticultural resources.

COST Action FA1001
The application of innovative fundamental food-structure- property relationships to the design of foods for health, wellness and pleasure. It is a cooperation project funded by EU where materials scientists, food technologists and nutrition specialists collaborated in order to study the structure of healthy foods.

COST Action FA0802 Feed for health
A project funded by EU, which brought together different subjects studied in work groups, whereas one of the topics was designing functional foods for humans through animal feeding.

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